Why volunteer?

People volunteer for a wide variety of reasons, especially wanting to help others. But it’s also OK to want some benefits for yourself from volunteering. Some people are uncomfortable with the notion that a volunteer “benefits” from doing volunteer work. The satisfaction a person gets when volunteering is something that money can not buy.
Volunteering connects you to others. One of the better-known benefits of volunteering is the impact on the community. Unpaid volunteers are often the glue that holds a community together. Volunteering allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place.

How to volunteer?

Just go to Museo Sang Bata Sa Negros during office hours (8am -5pm) and enlist yourself as a volunteer. You will fill out a form with details about your interest, talent and schedule. The museum will then review your application and schedule you for an interview to talk about what you want to do and when you can do it.

Call or visit Museo Sang Bata Sa Negros to learn more about volunteer opportunities. Click here